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PAR Innovations is based in Greater Sudbury, Ontario  and services clients globally.  It was formed in 2002 by Paul Rantala to provide a platform for underground mine backfill consulting and develop mining products for the local mining market.  Now, we market and Pipeline Pill Test and the Drift Scope Laser.  These products have been used at hundreds of mine sites.  

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The Pipeline Pill ™ and PSI Pill ™

The Pipeline Pill test is a proactive test used to diagnose an operating piping system.  As the Pill travels freely in the fluid within the pipeline, it records pressure and from the Pill pressure data and known piping geometry information, a detailed analysis is performed.  

Our patented devices and proprietary tracking systems allow for a pressure survey to be conducted of a pipeline system which is operating at steady state.  Originally developed to troubleshoot underground mine backfill systems comprised of cascading boreholes and horizontal piping it has seen its use grow to other types of pipelines including a 170 km long surface pipeline in Chile.  Typical applications have included: slurries, paste, bitumen froth, tailings, concentrate, concrete.  Please contact us for information regarding the Pill and the Pill Test Service.

PAR Innovations Inc. - The Pipeline Pill TM and PSI Pill TM

100 Pipeline Systems done to date
  • Hydraulic Fill, Paste, Water, Slurry, Bitumen Froth
  • Pipelines from 75 to 400mm diameter
  • Underground Distribution systems up to 2km deep
  • Surface pipelines 200km long
Locate :
  • Partial blockages
  • Changing pressure gradients
  • Changing velocities
  • Freefall / high wear regions
  • Sedimentation regions
  • Water hammer regions

By running multiple Pill tests with changes to flow rates, material properties or piping geometry, one can optimize operating conditions.

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The NEW Drift Scope Laser Simplifying Surveying and Mining Tunnel Alignment The Drift Scope LaserThe Drift Scope Laser ™

Simplifying Surveying and Mining Tunnel Alignment

The Drift Scope Laser (pat.pend) was developed in 2002, to provide surveyors, miners and tunnel workers with a fast, easy to use and lightweight tool that sets up the alignment of the next drill development round. 

It has a proven history of improving the speed and accuracy of shooting lines for tunnel advancement using a simple and effective method.

Currently used at over 100 operations and contractor development sites. 

Click Here to visit the Drift Scope Laser website for more details.

Research Opportunities

PAR Innovations Inc. is always considering solving new challenges and old problems. .

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